About us

Orexia Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the treatment of narcolepsy and other neurological disorders. We are developing innovative medicines that activate the orexinneurotransmitter system in the brain.

Orexia Therapeutics is a result of a merger between Orexia Limited and Inexia Limited, which were founded in 2019 by Medicxi, a life sciences investment firm, and Sosei Heptares, a biopharmaceutical group focused on G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) drug discovery and development.

Orexia Therapeutics merged with Centessa Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CNTA) in February 2021, to accelerate the discovery and development of orexin agonists.

Orexin, also called ‘hypocretin’, is a key regulator of wakefulness and REM sleep. Orexin has also been implicated in metabolism, behavioral arousal, and mood. Orexin agonists and positive modulators have the potential to treat a wide range of disorders which are inadequately treated today, most notably Narcolepsy Type 1 (NT1) which is caused by profound loss of orexin-producing neurons. Orexia Therapeutics has established a unique discovery platform that will help us to realize the full potential of orexin receptor activation in developing treatments across multiple therapeutic indications.

Through key strategic partnerships including Sosei Heptares, X-Chem and Optinose, we have integrated unique discovery and structure-based design capabilities for both small molecules and peptide-based orexin receptor agonists, as well as a highly specialized technology for intranasal delivery that provides an important alternative to oral administration for drugs that target the brain.

Our vision

We aspire to develop innovative medicines that address the full spectrum of orexin dysfunction in disease, with the broadest possible impact across therapeutic indications with high unmet medical need.

Our values

  • We are committed to partnering with patients in developing new medicines, learning from individuals who live with neurological disorders to design treatments with potential to be truly meaningful in improving their lives.
  • We are following the science of orexin physiology to guide the optimization of clinical candidates and inform our decisions regarding therapeutic indications most closely linked to orexin signalling in the brain.
  • We recognize the importance of promoting diversity in participation in clinical trials, and in all aspects of the work we do.